Ladiom Associates | Civil Engineering
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Our Story

Ladiom Associates, formaly Ladiom and Associates prior to 1983, was established in November 1971 as a Partnership Consultancy Firm with the first office located at a one bedroom back flat Back the in Fadeyi.

Over 40 years, the firm has made head waves spreding from lagos to the Federal Capital Territory

From an Initial Staff of three Engineers at inception, Ladiom Associates today, has a team of Fourteen (14) highly trained and vastly experienced Engineers complemented by other technical and administrative staff of various discipline

At the beginning, designs were carried out through the conventional method of long-hand estimation and calculation using Detailers and Draughtsmen to produce drawings on board and ammonia printers. Ladion Associates has moved very rapidly into the computer age and is today fully computerized in all engineering activities with state of the art advanced technology and highly trained personnel.

Some of our Projects

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